LUL LHR New World 03Emerald have developed working relationships with its many clients including those in the rail and aviation sector that goes beyond the “traditional” reporting route for contracting

Our quality management system overlays the usual linear reporting route from tradesman via project manager to senior management with an “assurance function” reporting to Emerald Group’s Chief Executive Officer

Project assurance “owns” ‘spheres of influence’ with senior participants in both the Emerald and the Client Organisation, seeking to ensure that project planning, design, documentation, procedures, approvals, consents, certification, logistics, procurement and other deliverables are ‘in-place’ in good time

Additionally, we use this area of expertise to “forward plan” intra-project and ‘down-stream’ dependencies; aligning plans, resource commitments and configuration activity with the client’s roll-out programme and, importantly, their medium and long term operational plans

Emerald Group Collaboratively working with our clients to deliver projects that provide competitive advantage