EHGE Re-appointed on Completion of Pointing

EHGE‘s scope of works at LU’s Greenwich Power Station included the re-pointing of brickwork on the River Thames facing elevation. This exposed north facing part of the historic building had suffered considerably with deterioration of the London stock brickwork, exacerbated by legacy re-pointing that had been undertaken with too hard a mortar mix, resulting in brick erosion rather than sacrificial mortar degradation.

Extensive cutting-out of over-hard mortar followed by selective replacement of damaged brickwork was required to restore the appearance of the building.

Following completion of the original scope of works to the main elevation, EHGE have now been instructed to extend the work to include window reveals and arched window heads following their exposure by the removal of temporary sheeting used to weather openings left by the removal of the windows some years ago.

This additional work will take place prior to new bespoke windows being fabricated and installed at the turn of 2017/2018.