EHGE Peaks again with Tor

EHGE is delighted to announce that it has become a Tor Partner for Tor Coatings Limited’s ‘Elastaseal System 25’ roof coating system

Tor Coatings, a subsidiary of RPM Coatings International Inc., provides cutting edge reliable proprietary products for internal and external building protection. Tor Coatings ‘Elastaseal’ is at the forefront of the roofing sector and is a cold-liquid waterproofing solution designed to offer long term protection to flat roofs, gutters and pitched roofs alike. This specialist coating extends the life of the roof by being permanently elastomeric and UV stable. It creates a seamless finish that is impermeable soon after application and highly resistant to ponded water, giving ultimate protection against future leaks

Following the successful application of ‘Elastaseal System 25’ at Greenwich Power Station by EHGE, thereby demonstrating our capabilities and experience with the product, we have become a Tor Partner and approved “product applicator”

EHGE CEO Dan Mullins commented: “We’ve always believed that the EHGE team could turn its hand to new challenges and so the Greenwich project has proved. Not only have we expanded our operational skill set into the B&CE ‘space’; we’ve demonstrated the capability of our site staff to achieve Tor Partner status for the business”

The partnership arrangement between manufacturer and installer ensures that the Elastaseal System is correctly applied by trained personnel, giving comfort to the client/specifier underwritten by guarantee. Moreover, the partnership promotes mutually beneficial relationships throughout the supply chain ensuring that a correctly specified installation is executed to the manufacturer’s standards by trained operatives engaged by approved installers