Welcome to EHGE

EHGE is a leading Building Services Integration Specialist. We offer premium quality mechanical, electrical and cabled services design, installation and maintenance, using high calibre engineering staff. Excellence is our standard with a guarantee of quality, consistency and reliability backed by ISO 9001 Certification

Our talent is delivering focussed building services projects be they HV; LV; Lighting; HVAC; Life Safety or IT Systems either individually or as part of a wider refurbishment scheme. Fast to react, we are highly versatile with particular experience in security sensitive, high-specification and 24/7 operational environments

We maintain a Service Desk that operates 24/7/365 for those clients requiring support to maintain the operational status of mission critical premises, plant or equipment

We strongly believe in working co-operatively with clients to exceed their expectation from the outset and are fortunate to work repeatedly with well-known organisations in the commercial, transportation and public sectors

We pride ourselves in delivering tailored solutions, consistently and cost effectively; aiming for whole-life energy efficiency and maintainability using our expertise in value engineering and green technologies

Emerald Airport Services - our specialist division caters for the specific needs of the aviation sector with land and air-side cleared staff and vehicles